Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Gainesville, FL

Whenever we want to look good for the summer time, those pesky bikini lines can sometimes show more than we want to. Fortunately for you, there are options to take care of this problem. Laser hair removal surgery has revolutionized the way you can take care of unwanted hair in places that you don’t want showing. Dr. Poser is an expert in the matter, and is able to remove hair in just about any area and assist you in getting the body that you want!

How Does Gainesville Laser Hair Removal Work?

Our laser hair removal procedure has the ability to permanently remove hair in those hard to reach places that expose. The laser beam has the ability to target the pigment that is in the hair follicle, and avoids damaging the areas surrounding the skin. It can be used to eliminate hair from places such as your upper lip, sideburns, chin, eyebrows, bikini lines and legs. The laser is safe enough to be used on children, teenagers and adults, men and women alike. There is always an option to look good for the summertime, or just take care of those pesky hairs that you don’t want showing.

A concentrated laser is aimed at the hair that you wish to remove, thus allowing light to be absorbed by the pigment. This damages the follicle and prohibits future growth from occurring. This will allow you to have clear skin that is uninhibited by hairs that you do not want there.

What Are Some Things I Should Take Note of before Receiving Laser Hair Removal?

  • While laser hair removal is permanent, it may take several treatments for it to become permanent. Everyone’s body type is different, and we will have to adjust accordingly to obtain the desired effect. Always be sure to schedule professional consultation before undergoing laser hair removal in Gainesville, FL, as this will determine what the best option for your skin type is and how to approach the situation.
  • Avoid tanning before and after receiving a laser treatment. Tanning darkens the skin, thus hindering the effect of the laser hair removal since it is dependent upon light. Tanning can also leave scar marks when undergoing laser hair removal. Wait for some time before attempting to undergo tanning.
  • Depending on your skin sensitivity, a post laser hair removal breakout around the operation may occur. The hair follicles are left open for a few days, thus leaving them susceptible to breakout. If this does occur, an over the counter hydrocortisone cream will help you prevent blemishes.

When you need professional laser hair removal done right, we here at Gainesville laser hair removal are the ones to help you take care of those pesky hairs that you want removed. Dr. Poser has had many successful cases, and would love to help you remove those unwanted hairs. Schedule a professional consultation with our plastic surgery center today to take yourself in the right direction towards professional laser hair removal so that you will have the beach body that you want!