Gainesville Plastic Surgery

North Central Florida’s leading plastic surgeon, Dr. John Poser, has decades experience with reconstructive surgery.  We consider our work as art, and Dr. Poser is the sculptor.  We specialize in making our clients feel more comfortable and happy with their appearance, as well as helping them gain more confidence in themselves emotionally.

With a special emphasis on breast surgery, liposuction, facelift, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty, Dr. Poser also performs special surgeries such as ear reshaping, scar revisions, and hand surgeries.

One of the most popular requests that Dr. Poser receives is the Mommy Makeover Package.  This is most ideal for women who have given birth, and cannot achieve their pre-pregnancy bodies on their own.   He is also an expert in skin resurfacing and rejuvenation for clients who suffer from acne scars, age spots, and wrinkles.  

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, as well as a member of their society, Dr. Poser is available to meet at any of the following five locations: Gainesville, The Villages of Ocala, Chiefland, Jacksonville, and Lake City.  At all locations, it is easy to schedule a  non-surgical appointment to refresh your skin, and be pampered by a licensed Aesthetician.

Breast Surgery

Time can take its toll on the breasts through pregnancy, nursing and natural aging.  Heredity can also be a factor in the shape of a woman’s breast. For many women, having breasts done can dramatically change their appearance and self-esteem.  Dr. Poser has helped thousands of women achieve a happy life with a positive body-image, both within and without, which is important in today’s society with the pressure to be and look perfect.  He accomplishes this two ways: listening to his patients, and performing great surgeries to exactly how his patients want it.

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Poser has performed the best breast augmentations recognized in the state of Florida.  It shows in the patients that have breast implants put in, and they have said they can physically feel their self-esteem had risen since their breast augmentation surgery.  Dr. Poser’s goal is to enhance the beauty that you already have, and make you feel good about yourself.  You’ll have a say every step of the way, including choosing saline or silicone breast implants.

Breast Lift

Over time, women’s (and men’s) breast change with age, and with the complexity family genes, some people’s breast will lose shape and droop.  That’s where Dr. Poser steps in to help. Many patients come to Dr. Poser looking to enhance the look of their breast, with the option of not putting implants in.  The breast lift procedure has had positive and lasting results in our patients, and help to feel more youthful and firm again.  If you are suffering from breast losing their shape due to age and/or pregnancy, schedule a consultation with Dr. Poser today.

Body Contouring

The body changes throughout all stages of life, and it will eventually lose it’s elasticity as well.  If you’ve recently lost a lot weight, and are left with saggy and loose skin, Dr. Poser can help reward all your hard work, and reshape your body the way you want it to look.  There are many procedures Dr. Poser can do to help you in any area that you may be unhappy with.  The most popular requests that Dr. Poser gets in body contouring surgeries are Liposuction, and Tummy-Tucks.


Liposuction is one of Dr. Poser’s most requested procedures Gainesville Florida plastic surgery center.  Women and men come from all over to have Dr. Poser sculpt their bodies with the liposuction procedure, and with great outcomes.  Liposuction, also commonly known as lipectomy or lipoplasty, should be taken into consideration of a careful and experienced professional.  Contact Dr. Poser today with any questions you may have about Liposuction.

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

Tummy tucks are one of the most popular surgical procedures done in the plastic surgery world, let alone in Gainesville, Florida.  Dr. Poser is recognized on a national level for his art in the abdominoplasty world, and patients flock from all over to have him perform a tummy tuck. The Tummy Tuck procedure consist of three factors in order to fasten the loose and drooping skin of the tummy area:  removal of excess skin and tissue, liposuction, and repairing the muscle. Anyone considering a tummy tuck surgery should book a consultation today, and have Dr. Poser answer any questions.

Facial and Cosmetic Surgery

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone wants to look their best, and as often as possible to feel good about ourselves.  This is a big part of what makes us human.  At Poser Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, Florida, we strive to attain a balance between your goals, professional opinion, as well as personal opinion to achieve a natural, flawless glow to your face.  


Unfortunately for us, the fountain of youth has yet to be discovered, but Dr. Poser comes in as a close second.  Aging on faces sometimes does not happen so elegantly, and that is where the facelift procedure comes in.  We make this experience as comfortable as possible for you, and listen to all of your concerns, while also making our own judgment calls, to reach a beautiful, natural, and youthful look.  Dr. Poser is available to go over any questions in person at any of his North Central Florida plastic surgery centers.

Rhinoplasty / Nose Job

Dr. Poser and his staff understand there a multitude of reasons to chose rhinoplasty, from regulating breathing to improving appearances.  Reshaping of the nose and nostrils should only be left in the hands of an experienced professional, who sincerely cares about the patient’s results.  At Poser Plastic Plastic Surgery Centers, we understand that every nose has a unique shape, and every patient has a different image of perfection.   Dr. Poser will help close the gap and communicate exactly what his patients want with new technology, and digital imaging.

Forehead / Brow Lift

A forehead lift, otherwise known as a brow lift, helps with natural sagging of the face to give patients a more refreshed appearance.  Dr. Poser is one of the most skillfully trained brow lift specialists in Gainesville, and all of North Central Florida.  A brow lift is the best way to eradicate those fine lines that have stacked up over the years causing a “worried” look.   

Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a very high in demand surgery, and Dr. Poser is among the best to perform it in the plastic surgery in the state.  When a patient comes to us for help with puffy eyelids and wrinkled skin around the area of the eye, Dr. Poser will decide the best course of action depending on the patient.  It could mean as simple of a procedure as removing a bit of fat from the eyelid area.  Eyelid surgery is usually done as a complement to other surgical procedures to boost results and overall look.  


Our in-house specialist or Dr. Poser will help you achieve younger, rejuvenated looking skin by performing this relatively recent, and ground-breaking procedure. Adult acne, scars, or pockmark sufferers will greatly benefit from microdermabrasions. The microdermabrasion is the leading non-surgical procedure in our Gainesville, Ocala, Chiefland, Jacksonville and Lake City plastic surgery centers.  A microdermabrasion is a painless way to get your skin on the right track.  

Mommy Makeover

This is one of our most popular procedures we offer at all the Poser Plastic Surgery Centers in North Central Florida.  The Mommy Makeover was designed to give the mommy the confidence in herself and in her skin again.  We want women to know that they don’t have to settle for their bodies after pregnancy and birth. Dr. Poser wants to help any mother out there to feel their best again, and most importantly, feel as sexy and confident pre-pregnancy.  Women are truly amazing, and we want it to shine as bright as possible as you enjoy motherhood.  The Mommy Makeover is to help give the mother, who gives everything for her family, a new outlook and feel as beautiful you truly are.  The Mommy Makeover depends on the patient, but the most popular procedures in the Mommy Makeover include liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, and breast augmentation.  If you are interested in a Mommy Makeover, or have any questions, please call Poser Plastic Surgery today, or visit any of our North Central Florida offices.