Plastic Surgery Before and After Gallery

The before and after photos in the Poser Plastic Surgery gallery you are about to view are provided to better educate prospective clients on the kind of results that may be achievable with different types of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at Poser Plastic Surgery Center. While viewing these photos please keep in mind that every patient may heal in a different way and that individual results may vary. At Poser Plastic Surgery, we strive to achieve the most natural and graceful looks desired by our clients.

All of the photos provided in my online gallery are of surgeries performed by myself, Dr. Poser. If you would like to view additional photos, feel free to call my office to set up a consultation. During your scheduled consultation with myself, you will have the chance to look at the full book of patient photographs, as well as photos of procedures not shown in my before and after online gallery.

As a practicing Plastic Surgeon in Gainesville, Florida, for over 25 years, I would like to personally thank all of my patients for letting Poser Plastic Surgery use their before and after photos. I feel that reviewing before and after photos are an important part of educating future Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery patients on what type of results can be achieved and to help patients choose what procedure maybe best for them.