Plastic Surgery Financing Options

Traditionally, plastic surgery was considered a service only available to the rich and famous. Today with modern plastic surgery financing options however, plastic surgery is much more affordable for the average consumer.

Plastic surgery is expensive any may require some financial assistance, especially if the procedure is not covered by your insurance policy. In such a case, medical financing may be the only means by which one can afford the desired procedure. Plastic surgery financing can provide the opportunity of monthly payments over a period of time to help make the process more agreeable.

Plastic surgery financing can be used for various procedures including liposuction, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty. There are also various companies which offer medical financing services with multiple different payment plans for your convenience. Our clinic and surgeons can also work alongside you to help construct a payment plan for your surgery.

Before deciding upon a payment plan, it is essential to first understand the complete cost of your procedure. Once that information has been compiled, continue researching the best payment strategy based on your financial situation. Make sure to double-check the terms of agreement, interest rates, and payment timeframe before officially signing the document.


The links here will show you where you may be able to find financing for your pending procedure. We are affiliated with Care Credit and Capital One Health Care Finance.