Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options

Cosmetic surgery is often a costly expense. At our office, we offer a number of different financing options. Through plastic surgery financing, patients can pay for procedures in monthly installments made over a designated period of time, for the ultimate convenience with their procedure. Our team is also available to assist patients in choosing the best financing option.

Plastic surgery financing can be applied to procedures, such as breast augmentation and body plastic surgery, among other types of plastic surgery procedures. Before deciding which payment plan to choose, it is necessary to understand the complete cost of the given surgery or procedure. Once all necessary information has been compiled, the available payment strategies and loans may be assessed. Ensure verification of each of the terms of the agreement, interest rates, and payment timeframe before officially signing any documents regarding payment for pending procedures.

Plastic Surgery Payment Plans

The links below provide potential financing options for pending plastic surgery or non-surgical plastic surgery procedures. Our plastic surgery center in Gainesville, FL, is affiliated with the following cosmetic surgery financing companies. For more information about our payment plans, contact us.