Isabell - Today we became POSERIZED!

Dr. John Poser is a skilled professional who knows his stuff!

I have to tell you, after living in Los Angeles for many years, I have been exposed to the results of many cosmetic procedures, some good and some…well you know…

Back here in Gainesville, we discovered Dr. Poser through many wonderful recommendations from past clients. My brother had a very successful hand surgery done with Dr. Poser and a close family friend had a breast reconstruction surgery after surviving breast cancer. We felt so comfortable deciding on his services after meeting for the initial consultation. His staff are so professional and his surgical center so warm and welcoming.

Well, today was our surgery. I brought a family member in for an eyelid surgery and some fat removal to the crease the smile lines. Dr Poser allowed me to watch him work from the corner of the surgical room. This was an amazing experience. He was so relaxed and attentive as he made every incision with precision. He stitched her up and gave some follow up instructions to call him 24/7 if we should need anything. What was so amazing is how efficient he works. This was more like a “lunch time special” as the entire procedure took about an hour!

We are so excited to have had such a wonderful and rewarding experience. It was really our pleasure and an honor to work with such a renowned surgeon. We’re looking towards a new year and with a “new look” to make it extra special.

Thank you Dr. Poser for being Extraordinary. You are a rare find.

Emily - Liposuction

Everyone is nervous going into any surgery, but Dr. Poser made me feel more than comfortable and his staff was quite friendly. All medical staff was very open to questions and did not rush any appointment pre or post op. Dr. Poser explained to me what the range of my results would be and I am extremely satisfied with my results and do not regret anything.

Claire - Full body lift

I had a full body lift and I am extremely pleased with my results. Dr. Poser, after the lift, checked with me many times to make sure I was healing correctly. After losing 175 pounds I thought I would have to live with the loose skin but I am amazed with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Poser

Beth - Facelift, chin liposuction, Upper eyelids

Terrific staff and wonderful "bedside manner". No pressure, no phony compliments, real down to earth and I am very happy with my results! I had a mini Facelift, chin lipo, upper bleph and CO2 laser under my eyes and around my mouth.

Anne - Mini Facelift

Dr. Poser initially talked me out of a mini facelift ten years ago saying my face was not ready. Honesty, this is rare for a Doctor to do over money. When I was ready, his assessment and suggestions were just as honest and accurate. I had a mini facelift, blepharoplasty under the eyes, CO2 under eyes, chin lipo, fat grafting into face folds, abdomen & stomach lipo. All at once for a great price. Back to work in ten days with lots of eye makeup reapplied during the work day. The results are fantastic! Dr. Poser strives for a natural look, and the comments I get are "boy, you look rested and happy" - not pulled, plastic, or artificial - which were my husband's fears. Fantastic group!!

Joan Tyrrel - I would highly recommend Doctor Poser to anyone

I had the best experience going through surgery all the nurses were wonderful I was so relaxed I never felt anything. Went home and never had any bad pain the results are wonderful he is truly the best he gave me just what I asked for I am very pleased.

Elaine Gavegnano - Breast Reconstruction

An AMAZING, AMAZING surgeon. Just AMAZING. After bilateral breast reconstruction a number of years ago I looked ok fully dressed and, not knowing differently, settled for my slightly scewed half grapefruit shape and increasing tightness and pain from internal scar tissue. When it became intolerable a caring physician described Dr. Poser as "Having been around the block a few times," so I went for a consultation. His plan for me was to replace, reposition, resize and reshape all previous reconstruction. I am now pain free. My breast are a beautiful, natural shape and have movement. For the first time in many years I feel and look like a beautiful, whole woman. Dr. Poser, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want everyone to know of your genius, skill and compassion. I have absolutely no doubt that you apply the same outstanding skill to all areas of plastic surgery, enhancements and reconstructive procedures . I would highly recommend Dr. Poser without reservation.