Cellulite Treatment Gainesville, FL

Cellulite is a condition found in the legs, buttocks and stomach of women. Cellulite is rarely, if ever, found in men. It is characterized by a lumpy, textured appearance, sometimes called cottage cheese or orange peel. That’s because fat deposits settle just beneath the skin, causing the bumpy texture. Most fat attaches to muscle, but when that area is full, the fat travels. It rises above the muscle to settle just beneath the skin. This causes blood circulation to the skin to stop. Restore the blood circulation, and the cellulite is carried away.


Cellulite is not a disease. It is not harmful and it is extremely common, especially among women. People of all bodily sizes and shapes can be susceptible to cellulite. Luckily, there are cellulite treatments that are safe and reliable. While cellulite treatments do not aid in weight loss, they employ advanced strategies that can alter the cellulite appearance and improve the overall quality of your skin.

Advantages of Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is caused by things like genetics, diet and exercise, the lack thereof and the hormone estrogen. Cellulite isn’t only found in overweight females, but in slim ones, too. It’s about circulation, not fat. However, treatment is available that can help women get rid of unsightly orange peel. That’s the main reason women seek aid. They want to look good in short skirts, shorts and swimsuits. Their self-esteem suffers, which exacerbates other physical and emotional conditions. Vanity hardly enters the picture; it’s about an all-around healthy body.

Types and Grades of Cellulite

  • Adipose cellulite is the orange peel look in firm skin.
  • Fluid retention causes oedematous cellulite, which looks like soft cellulite on slack skin.
  • Fibrotic cellulite is hard and looks like orange peel.
  • Grade one cellulite shows no visible appearance on skin.
  • Grade two shows no visible appearance when lying or standing, but when skin is pinched it shows orange peel.
  • Grade three is visible standing, and grade four is visible lying or standing.

Types of Cellulite Treatments

There are many different types of cellulite treatments. You should visit a body sculpting plastic surgery professionalto determine which treatment(s) align with your bodily needs and health.

If you are pregnant or nursing, you should avoid these types of cellular treatment to prevent health complications. If you have tumors or cancer, you should see a doctor for evaluation before receiving cellulite treatment.

Improve the Appearance of Your Skin Today!

If you have unsightly cellulite on your thighs, stomach or buttocks, you don’t have to be embarrassed to visit the beach or wear clothing that is suitable for the summer months. You should not have to lose your confidence and avoid your favorite activities because of cellulite. There are advanced cellulite treatment in North Central Florida that are cost-effective, safe and accessible. Don’t allow a little cellulite to dampen your spirit.

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