Body Lifts In Gainesville, FL

When patients lose a considerable amount of weight, sagging skin is typically noticed on the body. Unfortunately, sagging skin is often unaffected by diet and exercise For patients experiencing unresponsive excess skin, a body lift procedure will sculpt and reshape the body. Our Gainesville plastic surgeon will determine whether this procedure is suitable.

Dr. Poser puts patient-safety first, so all operations are performed with the patient’s mental and physical health in mind. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Poser will uncover any potential risks associated with the procedure based on your personal medical history and aspirations for cosmetic surgery. Contact us today to meet with Dr. Poser.

Benefits Of A Body Lift

Many people decide to get body reconstructive surgery for dramatic results after experiencing weight loss or the loss of skin elasticity. The body contouring process is highly effective and suitable for patients who have maintained a stable weight for a minimum of six months. Patients who undergo a body lift will experience a marked improvement of the body tone and body as well as the refinement of underlying body tissue. Patients will have a refreshed, contoured, and smooth skin surface, which serves to achieve their plans for cosmetic surgery.

Who Is A Candidate For A Body Lift Procedure?

Patients who are in otherwise good health, at a stable weight, and with a reasonable expectation for the procedure are the best candidates for this surgery. Patients who have excessive skin in areas like the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen are typically suited for body lift surgery. For more information about candidacy determination, schedule a consultation.

Body Lift Recovery

Patients can expect minor discomfort, swelling, and bruising following a body lift procedure. Patients will need to take time off of work and other daily obligations for at least three weeks following the surgery. The majority of patients can expect to return to normal activities after six weeks. Compression garments should be worn to promote healing and prevent swelling. Patients will need to return to our office two weeks after surgery to remove sutures and assess healing. One of Gainesville’s best plastic surgeons, Dr. Poser is dedicated to providing patients with a smooth, contoured body.

What Are The Risks Of A Body Lift?

Possible complications following body lift surgery may include bleeding; infection; abscess; lymphedema; fat necrosis; wound dehiscence; asymmetries; and unfavorable scarring. To discuss the potential complications of body lift surgery, contact our plastic surgery center.

The Body Lift Procedure

The body lift procedure is also typically referred to as abdominoplasty or lipectomy. The goal of this procedure is to remove excess skin and tighten the remaining, underlying skin within the thigh, abdomen, and buttock region. Excess skin and fat are removed during the procedure, and the contours of the body are refined. An incision is made to the area from which the excess tissue will be removed. Thereafter,  the remaining tissue is tightened and repositioned.

After surgery, Dr. Poser will apply dressings to the incisions and insert any necessary drain tubes. Depending on the desired goals of each patient, our Gainesville plastic surgeon may recommend that other surgeries be performed in conjunction with body lift surgery, such as breast lift; breast augmentation; liposuction; panniculectomy; and mommy makeover — contact our office to find out which combination best suits your goals for aesthetic surgery.