Body Lifts in Gainesville, FL

What can body lift surgery do for me?

Many people have undergone significant changes in their appearance. Many of those changes may be concentrated in the abdominal region. In order to rectify this issue, one may have to consider a body lift Gainesville, FL procedure. The safe and popular procedure redefines the abdominal, thigh and buttock region and removes excess skin to the areas treated.

Who is this procedure ideal for?

Patients who have a healthy body image are the best candidates for this procedure. A person who lacks this confidence in their physique is more likely to be unhappy with the results. A patient with excessive skin in areas like the buttocks, thighs and abdomen are typically suited for this procedure.

What is the procedure?

The body lift procedure is referred to as an abdominoplasty or lipectomy. The goal is to correct the appearance of skin in the thigh and buttock region. The excess skin and fat are removed during the procedure, and the counturs of the body are refined. The back and the abdomen areas are usually the focal points in these procedures.

Why do people get the surgery?

Many people decide to get the reconstruction surgery for dramatic results after having a child or losing a large amount of weight. The body contouring process is highly effective in those who have been able to maintain a stable weight for a minimum of six months.

What are the advantages of a body lift?

Individuals can regain their confidence and have the body that reflects how good they feel on the inside. No person has to deal with excess skin and weight from when they were less in shape or pregnant. Abdominoplasty surgeons have been helping women for years get the look they have always wanted. Any person who has had the body recontouring surgical procedure will see improved definition immediately after having the procedure. Any person who has lost a significant amount of weight can wait years for the skin to dramatically take its natural shape. The body lift procedure produces similar results in a fraction of the time. Individuals who have experienced chafing, infections and rashes due to overhanging skin will see much less of that problem after having the surgery performed.

What does a body lift actually do?

The surgery does two things: sculpts and tightens. An incision is made to the area where the skin will be removed. The fat and skin are removed during the procedure. Once the procedure is completed, the tissue is repositioned. Once the repositioning process is complete, the tissue is tightened.

Gainesville Plastic Surgery Center

A Gainesville plastic surgeon can determine whether or not this procedure makes sense for you. Dr. Poser puts patient safety first, so all recommendations made are done with the candidate’s mental and physical health in mind. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Poser will uncover any and all potential risks associated with the procedure based on your personal medical history and surgery aspirations.