Fat Transfer & Grafting Lip Augmentation In Gainesville, FL

Many individuals experience a natural decrease in lip volume with age. Due to environmental factors, smoking, and the natural formation of deep-set creases or wrinkles, lips can appear thin and perpetually pursed. These features may give away a person’s age or make them appear older and they can also be a source of embarrassment. Those with lip lines or deep wrinkles around the mouth experience makeup settling into facial creases and lip lines, further defining the area.

Lip augmentation through fat transfer, also called fat grafting, is a permanent solution to naturally thin lips or lips that have lost volume due to aging. A fat transfer helps replenish wrinkles, lines, and creases around and on the lips for a smooth, youthful pout. For more information about the numerous types of lip enhancement procedures performed by our Gainesville plastic surgeon, contact Poser Plastic Surgery Center today.

Fat Transfer Lip Procedure In Gainesville

At Poser Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Poser skillfully performs fat grafting. During this cosmetic surgery procedure, fat cells and tissue are harvested from other parts of the patient’s body and injected into specific donor areas of the lips.

The most common areas from which fat is harvested are on the thigh, hip, stomach, back, and upper arm. There are several advantages to opting for a fat transfer procedure over injectable lip fillers —  fat transfers are a permanent solution and the majority of injectable fillers are not permanent. Fat grafting allows Dr. Poser the freedom to sculpt the lips for a more natural look that complements a patient’s face and it can also smooth wrinkles around a patient’s mouth. While these facial depressions and lip lines can be minimized through a facelift, many patients prefer less invasive cosmetic procedures for lips.

The results of fat transfers for a lip augmentation procedure last longer than dermal fillers or injectables, such as Juvéderm Volbella XC, but the fat transfer requires a longer procedure to perform than with dermal fillers. What’s more, patients who choose to undergo a fat transfer are not at risk of an allergic reaction because the procedure relies on fat and tissue harvested from the patient’s body. Some patients who have very thin lips or those who desire a more radical change in lip appearance may wish to combine several lip enhancement procedures in order to achieve the desired look.

What Happens During A Lip Fat Transfer?

Patients who wish to undergo a fat transfer to enhance the appearance of their lips can expect their Gainesville cosmetic surgery to last for one hour or more, depending on the specific procedures performed. Patients who combine fat grafting with other types of facial plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures should expect a longer recovery period. Some swelling and redness at the liposuction site and the donor site is expected but should be minimal. If you experience prolonged swelling or pain, contact Dr. Poser immediately. For patients longing to restore their lips, fat grafting can improve not only the appearance of lips but self-esteem and confidence as well — lips are refreshed and rejuvenated.

Which Procedures Can Be Performed With Fat Transfer Lip Augmentation?

Oftentimes, fat transfer lip procedures are performed during a tummy tuck, mommy makeover or another type of liposuction procedure in order to utilize the removed fat deposits. Patients who are not undergoing additional Gainesville liposuction procedures can still opt for a fat transfer by having fat deposits harvested from a fat-rich part of the body or by using pre-harvested fat and tissue.

Ideal Candidates For Fat Transfer Lip Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Poser conducts a detailed consultation with patients prior to the fat transfer lip augmentation. The patient’s skin type, age, medical history, aesthetic goals, and healing ability are discussed during the consultation. Patients require adequate body fat for the fat grafting procedure. During the initial consultation, Dr. Poser will help patients pinpoint the best area on the body for fat removal.