Septoplasty Surgery in Gainesville, FL

Thousands of people undergo rhinoplasty each year for many reasons, including aesthetics. A crooked, bulbous or wide nose can leave a person feeling self-conscious, and it can garner side-glances and snickers from strangers. For these patients, we recommend rhinoplasty as a way to correct appearances, correct birth deformities or results from injuries, and even side effects from aging.

But there are many people who look to nose plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL as not only a way to restore their natural beauty but to also help them breathe a little easier. Septoplasty is a nasal procedure that straightens and repairs both the bone and cartilage in the nose. The cartilage is called the septum, and it is that hard-yet-flexible piece that separates the passages of the nose. Often, the septum or a piece of bone causes one of the nose’s passageways to become blocked. This makes breathing very difficult and can lead to other problems.

Septoplasty Surgery

Deviated septums are a common problem among thousands of people. Many people suffer in silence as they may not be fully aware of the underlying cause to their chronic sinus stuffiness. Some may not realize that their septum is crooked, and blockages can occur further in the nasal cavity where it is impossible for a patient to see. Inside the nasal cavities, soft tissue lines the passages. This tissue is called turbinates, and an overgrowth of tissue can lead to breathing troubles as well.

What To Expect from Septoplasty

During a septoplasty, Dr. Poser will remove or reposition the cartilage or bone that is causing an issue. Septoplasty is a generally quick procedure, lasting about an hour for most patients. During this time, patients are placed under general anesthesia.

Dr. Poser begins by making small incisions inside the nose. A septoplasty procedure does not alter the way your nose looks from the outside, but patients who undergo nasal surgery can opt for rhinoplasty as the same time to correct any aesthetic appearances. The combined procedure is referred to as septorhinoplasty.

Although most patients are required to wear soft splints for up to a week following the procedure, breathing should become easier almost immediately. Some plastic surgery nose patients may experience a bloody discharge or feel sinus pressure for a few days after the plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL, and these are normal side effects.

Breathe Easier With Poser Plastic Surgery Center

At Poser Plastic Surgery Center, we strive to provide quality care for all of our patients. Whether you are having difficulties breathing due to an injury or birth defect, or the cartilage has grown abnormally over a period of time, we can help you breathe easier with a simple septoplasty.

Aging residents of North Central Florida can also benefit from a nose cosmetic surgery procedure. Often as we age, the cartilage and skin of our nose droops. If you lift up your nose and notice a significant change in the ease of breathing, then you might want to consider undergoing septoplasty. We are experienced in the trimming, repositioning and reshaping of the bone and septal cartilage.

Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

If you have a deviated septum, don’t suffer through allergy seasons, humid summers and sleepless nights. Call the Poser Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, Chiefland or Lake City, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Poser to see if septoplasty is right for you.