Breast Implant Revision In Gainesville

Every breast augmentation or revision surgery is as unique as each individual patient. Choosing to undergo breast revision surgery in Gainesville, FL, to alter breast implant shape or enhance breast implant size is a personal decision. Regardless of the reason for revision, Dr. Poser conducts each procedure with the utmost professionalism and personalized patient care. Dr. Poser is a successful plastic surgeon with years of experience successfully performing breast revision surgeries for patients who desire — or require — modifications to their breast implants. Contact us for more information about our Gainesville breast surgery procedures.

Common Reasons For Breast Implant Revision

A breast augmentation revision procedure should not be taken lightly. At Poser Plastic Surgery Center, we believe in getting it right the first time so that our patients have the beautiful breasts they’ve always desired. Dr. Poser has an extensive consultation with each of his patients in order to determine their desired type, placement, and size of implants so as to minimize the need for breast revision for aesthetic or medical purposes.

More serious concerns, such as poorly formed scar tissue or ruptured implants, are both causes for serious concern and immediate breast revision surgery. Scar tissue may tighten as the body heals, which places an excessive amount of pressure on the breast implants, resulting in pain and possible implant displacement or rupture. Dr. Poser can replace your breast implants or revise their positioning, allowing your body to heal.

Breast Implant Displacement

It is uncommon, but possible for breast implants to shift under the tissue. When breast implants shift, it is usually not painful, but it can result in oddly shaped and uneven-looking breasts. Breast revision surgery can be performed to realign implants and secure them into the ideal location while ensuring the minimization of the implants shifting in the future.

For some patients, inserting the breast implant under the chest muscle may be recommended by Dr. Poser to keep an implant secured. We often recommend this placement to women who do not have adequate breast tissue and significant body fat, as placement under the pectoral muscle allows for a more natural look and decreases possible implant movement.

Breast Implant Size

Many women feel uncertain when determining the size of their breast implants. It’s important to talk openly with Dr. Poser about choosing an implant size that will compliment your body type and help you reach your desired aesthetic goals. We also invite our patients to gain insight from friends and family with whom they feel comfortable speaking about their breast augmentation procedure. Choosing the ideal implant size is vital to avoiding future breast revision.

Breast implant revision is performed on a case-by-case basis — there is not a one-size-fits-all technique. Some patients who are unhappy with the results of their augmentation regarding breast implant size or shape may be candidates for fat grafting, a technique in which tissue is removed from one area of the body and inserted around the breast implant. A fat grafting procedure increases breast size without requiring surgical replacement of breast implants.

Breast Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a response of the immune system to foreign bodies, which may be caused by breast implants. This condition occurs when scar tissue forms around the breast implants and hardens, which places pressure on the implant. The pressure inflicted upon breast implants typically results in misshapen breasts, pain, and discomfort.

Call us immediately if you are experiencing breast pain — Dr. Poser can remove and replace your breast implants for optimal healing. To prevent this issue, we will also provide you with techniques for massaging the breasts following surgery to aid in the prevention of breast capsular contracture.

Breast Implant Rupture

One of the most common downsides to breast implants is the possibility of leaks and ruptures, usually caused by an injury or fall in which the implants sustained trauma. Saline breast implants that leak or rupture are not usually considered to be an immediate health risk, but the visual effects are immediately noticeable —  a loss of breast volume causes the skin to sag and the breast size to decrease. For patients with silicone implants, we recommend scheduling regular MRIs to detect a rupture as a silicone leak is not easily noticed, but it is potentially dangerous to your health. Unlike implants made filled with silicone gel and saline, gummy bear implants will not leak due to the thick, form-stable silicone from which they are made. Patients may not feel pain or discomfort when a rupture occurs, but if you suspect an implant leak, we urge you to contact our office quickly to avoid any possible complications which may occur in the future.

Breast Implant Corrective Surgery

It’s always disappointing when breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery is not properly performed or delivers undesired results. Poor results can cause patients pain and anxiety — we strive to help patients feel happy and confident through corrective surgical procedures to problematic breast augmentation. Dr. Poser skillfully corrects the results of breast implant augmentations and breast reconstructions that leave patients with the satisfaction and aesthetic results they seek. In order to correct poor results from previous breast procedures, the removal and replacement of breast implants are usually required. However, it may be possible to relocate breast tissue through a fat grafting process, to correct misshapen breast implants. If you are unhappy with your breast reconstruction or breast augmentation results, contact us today to schedule a consultation with our renowned breast augmentation surgeon in Gainesville.

Am I A Candidate For Breast Implant Revision?

Despite an initial consideration of eligibility for breast augmentation surgery, evolving circumstances which occur over time may change the eligibility of a patient for breast implant revision surgery. If you wish to address one or more of the following factors, you may be eligible for breast revision. Schedule a consultation today.

  • Increase or decrease of implant size
  • Issues with the implants or the breast tissue
  • Change to implant  due to weight fluctuations
  • Changed implant appearance from pregnancy
  • Asymmetry between breast implants
  • A breast lift is required during implant revision
  • Dissatisfaction with initial augmentation results
  • You wish to permanently remove the implants

Does Breast Revision Surgery Cause Scarring?

In the majority of cases in which the patient requires or seeks breast revision surgery, the resulting scarring from surgical incisions is comparable to results of the initial breast augmentation procedure. The original incision used to insert the implant during the initial procedure is generally the same incision location used to remove and replace an implant. However, if a patient wishes to undergo a breast lift in conjunction with a breast revision procedure, there may be additional scarring due to the elevation of the position of the nipple and areola.