Breast Lift Surgery in Gainesville, FL

Over time, breasts are likely to develop ptosis (sagging of the breast) for a number of reasons. Aging, breast feeding, pregnancy, and weight loss are all conducive to the onset of ptosis, and the effects are virtually irreversible. This is partly due to the skin on the breast losing its elasticity as a woman ages. In some cases, women will choose a breast lift to reverse these effects and restore their breasts to their youthful positions and shapes.

More particularly, a breast lift (or mastopexy surgery) is a surgical procedure designed to reshape and lift the breasts. In some cases, the areolas (the areas around the nipples) are also resized to match the new size and shape of the breasts. A breast lift Gainesville, FL might also consist of adding implants to the lifted breasts to restore volume lost to aging and decreased elasticity.

The Breast Lift Procedure

If you're looking to get a breast lift, it might help to know that it is an outpatient procedure that typically only takes around two to three hours. The process will begin with a consultation about the breast lift in Gainesville, FL with the Dr. Poser. From there, you will work with Dr. Poser to go over your medical history, your motivation for getting the breast lift, the risks of the Gainesville plastic surgery in question, and more.

The cosmetic surgery typically begins with anesthesia, as well as any other medications that can increase your comfort for the impending procedure. These medications might be administered via general anesthesia procedures or IV.

From there, the procedure will begin and the incisions for the breast lift will be made. The incisions involved in a breast lift are usually located on the areola, and they extend below the breast and past the fold. Particular techniques are used to minimize scarring from the incisions. However, the size and location of the incisions always heavily depend on the patient. Dr. Poser will recommend particular strategies for minimizing scarring and speeding the process for fading once the procedure has completed. Dr. Poser will try to keep the incisions as close to natural contours as possible to minimize their appearance.

Once the breast has been opened, Dr. Poser will complete a number of tasks to restore the breast to a more firm, lifted position. What Dr. Poser chooses to do depends on the size and shape of the breast in question. Dr. Poser will reshape the tissue inside the breast to modify the contour and firmness of the breast, and he will also likely reposition the nipple and areola. Dr. Poser might also remove excess breast skin due to the loss in elasticity.

After the breasts have been lifted and reshaped, the incisions are closed, Dr. Poser sends the patient off with tips on how to care for the breasts and recover from the surgery effectively.

Schedule a Constultation

If you're interested in breast plastic surgery, be sure to refer to Dr. Poser at the Poser Plastic Surgery Center for advice on getting your own breast lift.