Gainesville Plastic Surgery: Labiaplasty

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures to return youthful beauty and function to female genitalia are not discussed as often as other procedures such as breast augmentation or a tummy tuck. However, female genitalia cosmetic procedures can be equally beneficial for self-esteem, youthful appearance, personal comfort and intimacy with partners.

The primary procedures of female genitalia rejuvenation performed by Gainesville plastic surgeons of Poser Plastic Surgery Center includel abiaplasty, reduction of the labia minora (inner lips of the vagina).

Benefits of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Labiaplasty returns youthfulness to vaginal structures which have changed and stretched over time. These procedures provide relief for many women who suffer soreness or pain as a result of sexual activity, horseback riding or biking. Sensation during intercourse can even be restored in many instances for women who have had multiple vaginal deliveries.

As a result of this cosmetic surgery, your vagina and surrounding muscles can be returned to almost the same degree of tightness as your youth or prior to pregnancies. Having a trim, recontoured vagina can boost your confidence as part of general appearance, in socialization and during sexual activity. In addition, some clothing will look better on your changed body, such as bikini bottoms, panties and gym wear.

Ideal Candidates for Female Genitalia Rejuvenation

You are a good candidate for female genitalia rejuvenation if your genital structures sag and have become less tight due to pregnancies, weight loss or aging. If you have discomfort from scarring which resulted from prior surgeries, labiaplasty can often correct those issues. These procedures, whether performed together or as an individual plastic surgery, are likely a good idea if you have desire for a sleeker, more refined and more youthful contour to your genitalia.

If your health is good, you do not smoke, your attitude is positive and expectations are realistic, you are likely a good candidate. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Poser.

How Female Labiaplasty Is Performed

Labiaplasty is reduction of the inner lips of the vagina which may have become elongated over time. This cosmetic procedure involves the surgeon first outlining genital contours with a surgical marker. Sutures are placed and a laser is utilized to excise unneeded tissue. When the procedure is over, absorbable sutures are used.

Risks of Female Genitalia Rejuvenation

There are rarely significant complications from labiaplasty. Your plastic surgeon will discuss risks specific to your situation during a consultation. There are some inherent risks with any surgical procedure, which include a negative reaction to anesthesia, changes in sensation, infection, scarring and bruising. In order to minimize these risks, it’s important to talk with Dr. Poser about your medical history, expectations and current health (including whether you are currently taking medications or smoke) during your consultation.

Expected Recovery Time

Recovery time depends upon a multitude of factors, including which specific procedures you undergo, whether you follow patient care instructions, and other factors of your individual procedure. Your plastic surgeon will provide more insight about your specific expectation for recovery time during an initial consultation.

Importance of Using One of the Best Plastic Surgeons

When considering plastic surgery of any kind, it is important to use one of the best plastic surgeons like Dr. Poser. You should choose your cosmetic surgeon according to his or her education, training, certification, experience with female genitalia rejuvenation surgery, your personal comfort level with the plastic surgeon and his or her membership in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Poser is a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in labiaplasty. In relying upon Dr. Poser, you are in highly qualified hands and can expect the best possible results. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and take the first step to loving your skin.