Liposuction Gainesville, FL

As one of Gainesville, Florida's most experienced cosmetic surgeons, Dr. John Poser performs liposuction surgeries on a routine basis. Liposuction, or lipoplasty, is a minimally invasive surgery in which fat deposits are removed from targeted areas to create more ideal body contours and improve the patient's figure. Using Liposuction surgery, Dr. Poser can remove fat from virtually any location on the body, and can follow up the lipoplasty with further cosmetic surgeries to help the patient achieve their desired appearance. This article will discuss the details of the surgery and its benefits.

1. The Purpose of Liposuction

Simply put, liposuction is a way for the patient to look exactly how they want to look, to a degree that might otherwise be impossible. In many cases, fat deposits are simply a biological reality that no amount of exercise can necessarily fix. With liposuction from Dr. Poser, however, these deposits can be reduced or even eliminated.

2. Pre-Surgical Consultation

In preparation for your liposuction Gainesville FL surgery, Dr. Poser will schedule an appointment with you in which he will discuss the specifics of your procedure. Dr. Poser will carefully listen as you chart out exactly what you would like to look like, and offer suggestions as to how such results can be achieved. He will also go over the occasional risks associated with liposuction, and get a sense of your medical history in order to ensure your safety during the procedure. Finally, he will give you prescriptions for the appropriate medications to take following your surgery, and a list of drugs, such as aspirin, to avoid during the weeks prior to the surgery.

If you have lost a large amount of weight, and want to get rid of the last bit of fat, a liposuction procedure might be the answer for you. In conjunction with liposuction, Dr. Poser may perform a panniculectomy which is a procedure that removes a large amount of excess skin around the abdomen.

3. Surgical Details

As mentioned above, Liposuction is a fairly minor procedure: the only incisions required will be less than a centimeter in length, and are unlikely to generate any significant scarring. Once the incision is made, and the patient treated with anesthesia to eliminate pain, a small tube is inserted into the incisions from which fat is extracted. The procedure is simple, quick, and permanent: the absence of fat cells means that you will not generate fat in those locations in the future. As one of the premier specialists in liposuction Gainesville Fl, Dr. Poser is careful to avoid causing irregularities or depressions in the skin by diligently monitoring the lipoplastic procedure.

4. Results

Liposuction patients almost always report happiness with the results of their procedure with Dr. Poser. In most cases, patients continue to see improvement as their bodies mold around the now-absent fat cells, which generally lasts for about six months. After that, all the patient needs to do to retain their ideal form is modest exercise and effort to maintain a healthy weight. Should they do so, they will retain their new body contours essentially indefinitely, thanks to the extensive surgical knowledge of Dr. Poser.