Otoplasty (Ear Pinning Surgery)

A significant portion of individuals who have prominent ears may feel self-conscious about their appearance or they may feel that this feature detracts from their overall appearance. Ear pinning, or otoplasty, is a type of facial cosmetic surgery in which the ears are surgically positioned in close proximity to the head or to reduce the overall size of large ears.

Corrective ear surgery typically requires only minimal recovery and may produce dramatic results, restoring confidence and self-assurance to the patient. Contact Poser Plastic Surgery Center today for more information about the ear pinning procedure or to schedule a consultation for otoplasty in Gainesville, FL with Dr. Poser.

Who Is A Candidate For Ear Pinning Surgery?

Otoplasty is often performed on children to relieve them from teasing and to avoid feelings of self-consciousness. This procedure can be life-changing for affected children by offering them a chance to develop greater social assurance and establish self-esteem. Plastic surgeons in Gainesville, FL, such as Dr. Poser, note that adults may also require otoplasty.

Patients may have been able to hide prominent ears with certain hairstyles that have become less desirable or less possible due to age-related hair loss. These individuals often enjoy a renewed sense of freedom after ear corrective surgery. Patients must be over five years of age, have good health, and struggle with prominent ears for otoplasty.

Ear Pinning Procedure

During the otoplasty procedure, a small incision is made in the skinfold — the portion of skin from which the ear attaches to the head. Dr. Poser inserts several stitches to closely anchor the cartilage of the ear to the skull. The ear is then reshaped and repositioned. In cases of excessively large or misshapen ears, some cartilage may be removed to provide a natural appearance. Following the procedure, soft dressings are then gently applied to the ears.

Ear Reduction Surgery

Patients who have large-size ears may seek ear reduction to reshape their ears to a more preferable size. The desired results of otoplasty are oftentimes produced through ear reduction, earlobe repair, and ear reshaping in addition to ear repositioning. Dr. Poser makes an incision behind the ear and proceeds to reshape the cartilage. Thereafter, the excess skin is removed in addition to excess skin, and a portion of unwanted cartilage in the upper ear.

Otoplasty Recovery Time

After the procedure, the dressings are left in place for several days to allow the wounds to heal. Patients may experience minor discomfort at incision sites. Dr. Poser will prescribe medications to minimize the pain associated with the surgery. The ear area may be swollen for up to 72 hours, gradually dissipating over time. Full recovery may comprise a two- to three-week process, depending on the patient’s health, the details of the surgery, and any additional procedures which may have been performed during the otoplasty. Vigorous activity should be limited during the healing period. Patients should sleep with the head elevated, using several pillows to comfortably prop-up the head. Dr. Poser, a premier Gainesville plastic surgeon, will provide instructions to care for the wound to help ensure a successful outcome.

Possible Risks Of Otoplasty

Ear pinning surgery is typically a reasonably simple procedure which Dr. Poser regularly performs for patients of a range of age. Following the procedure, some itching, aching, and numbness to the incision site may occur. Infection to the incision site is possible but rare. Contact our office for more information about the possible risks of ear surgical procedures.