Cosmetic Ear Reshaping in Gainesville, FL

Having ears that protrude or appear to be misshapen can be damaging to self-esteem and confidence. In certain cases, it may also affect hearing capabilities. If you or your child is unhappy with protruding or misshapen ears, there is the option of ear reshaping surgery in Gainesville, FL. It can correct a defect in the ear structure that is sometimes present at birth or that becomes apparent with child development – or it can treat misshapen ears caused by injury. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation with our Gainesville plastic surgeon for ear reshaping.

What Is Ear Reshaping?

Ear reshaping surgery is a type of plastic surgery meant to reshape protruding or misshapen ears to a more natural position, shape and size. It is utilized in people who were born with ear defects, eventually developed them or got them suddenly through injury. It should also be noted that otoplasty can improve hearing capability if the shape of the ear is preventing sound waves from entering the ear canal. Otoplasty differs slightly from ear pinning surgery, but the two can be performed in conjunction to reshape the ear and allow it to sit closer to the head.

Ideal Candidates For Ear Reshaping

The first step in your decision for ear reshaping is to consult your doctor. Facial plastic surgery relies on several different factors that our doctor can help walk you through and assess properly in order to determine if you're a good candidate. Some common factors to take into consideration are skin type, healing rate, age, medical history, expectations for the surgery, and background. Otoplasty is a surgery commonly performed on children and young teens because the cartilage in their ears isn't nearly as stiff as an adult's ears. Many adults of varying age groups still get otoplasty, but the procedure may be more difficult and the results may be different on an adult than a child.

Price is also a necessary consideration. You'll need to consult your insurance company on whether or not they'll cover the procedure. If it's for purely cosmetic purposes, it may not be covered. However, if the surgery is being performed to improve hearing or prevent future health issues it may be covered. As for the price of the actual procedure, that depends on many variables such as technique, general or local anesthetic, possible complications and more.

What Happens During Ear Reshaping Surgery?

If the patient is an adult, they will usually be given local anesthetic and possibly a sedative. If the patient is a child, they will be given a general anesthetic to put them to sleep for the duration of the procedure. This is to ensure that they don't move around during the surgery.

Once that is done, the surgeon can perform the surgery in one of two ways. They can either cut away cartilage on the ear in order to reshape it or merely fold it over and stitch it together. The technique used relies on the patient's situation and the surgeon's preferences.

The surgery should last around two to three hours depending on the severity of the case. It may last longer than three hours if the case is a particularly difficult or complicated one. Consult the surgeon about how long your particular surgery should last.

After the surgery, patients should be able to go home with the assistance of a relative or friend. If the procedure was particularly long or complicated and in some cases with children, the patient may be asked to stay overnight for observation.

Gainesville Cosmetic Surgeon

About a week's worth of rest is recommended for all patients who have recently undergone otoplasty. Your doctor will apply bandages to affected areas. Specific care instructions for the wound will be given by your doctor depending on the situation. If you have stitches, your doctor will give you an estimated date for their removal. It's important to follow your doctor's instructions on wound care, bandage replacement, and other recovery instructions to ensure that the incision heals properly and to prevent infection.

In general, cosmetic ear surgery creates a natural shape and brings balance and proportion to the ears and face. Contact Poser Plastic Surgery Center to schedule your consultation today.