Reconstructive Hand Surgery

Looking and feeling our best is important in order to function optimally in both our personal and business life, and a number of circumstances can compromise this feeling of self-confidence. Whether you have had skin cancer or an injury that has left your hand disfigured or unable to function properly, there is a solution that can get you back to a more normal lifestyle. Reconstructive hand surgery is an option that has helped hundreds of patients get back on track.

Plastic Hand Surgery

A common reconstruction method that is performed by Dr. Poser is plastic hand surgery, and this can prove very effective in improving both aesthetics and functionality. He and his dedicated staff use the latest technological breakthroughs in order to provide patients with the ability to return to normal daily activities, and he takes the time to customize a therapy plan to increase the level of success. This method can often be completed with the use of skin grafts while more severe cases may also require the use of prosthetic implants.

Reconstructive Hand Surgery

In many cases, reconstructive surgery is necessary to regain functionality and appearance. Among the types of situations in which this may be necessary include:

  • Severe burns
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Skin cancer
  • Birth deformities
  • Serious injuries

Depending on the individual case, Dr. Poser has a number of treatments available. It is often necessary to treat the skin, bones and tendons as part of the procedure. In many cases, he is even able to successfully reattach severed fingers and provide treatments to help the patient regain functionality. Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, these procedures can often be performed at a minimally invasive level with a short period of downtime.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries to the hand are very common due to the excessive use, wear and tear, and increased risk of falls and accidents. These types of injuries often result in pain that can significantly reduce the athlete's performance. In moderate cases, Dr. Poser can often prescribe medication that will remedy the problem, but it is sometimes necessary to perform more advanced procedures to correct these issues. For example, impacted tendons may need to be released to relieve the pain. An individualized treatment plan will be prepared to help the athlete recover and become active in the sport once again.

Ulnar Neuropathy

A common condition that impacts the forearm and hand is ulnar neuropathy, and the symptoms can be debilitating. Sufferers experience a loss of muscle control as inflammation makes it difficult to function properly. Dr. Poser can help by either prescribing a treatment plan, medication, or performing surgery.

Help is a Phone Call Away

If you are suffering from injuries to the hand, you don't have to suffer with compromised performance and aesthetics. Dr. Poser and his experienced staff has the knowledge and tools to get you on the road to recovery through reconstructive hand surgery, so schedule an appointment today.