Breast Implant Surgery in Gainesville, FL

Breast implant surgery has been chosen by millions of American women as a way to enhance their figures in a naturally-appearing manner. It can also be useful in restoring a woman's shape after an illness or injury. Breast implants Gainesville are among the cosmetic procedures available from Poser Plastic Surgery Center.

Breast Enhancement Options

Long gone are the days when women risked their health to enhance their breast sizes with injections made directly into their bodies. Breast enhancement, known medically as augmentation mammoplasty, is today a safe procedure that can be accomplished on an outpatient basis. The procedure involves medical devices that are widely known as implants being surgically placed inside a body in order to both alter the size and the shape of a breast. Many women seek such enhancement because they feel their bustline is naturally too small or the shape has been affected by weight loss or pregnancy. However, the procedure can also help women achieve greater symmetry in cases where their breasts may not be of equal size.

Types of Breast Implants

There are two principal types of breast implants, which differ in terms of their composition and how they are used. Both types employ a silicone shell that come in different sizes. One type of implant is filled with a silicone gel and the other with a solution of saline, essentially salt water. Both types of implants have been in existence for at least half a century, although the saline device is more widely used today because of its reliability. Silicone implants can be useful in patients with particularly soft skin or those who have undergone mastectomies due to breast cancer. Silicone devices are also used in women whose breasts need to be both increased in size and raised for increased shape.

Placement of Breast Implants

Bust enhancement normally involves a procedure that is known as submuscular breast augmentation, wherein the implant is inserted into the space located underneath the pectoral muscle. Because of the flexibility it offers in terms of placing the implant, the incision is normally made in areola, which is the area of pigmented skin surrounding the nipple. An implant can also be inserted through small a incision made in the fold beneath the breast or in the cavity under the arm.

Providing they are in generally good health, most women are suitable for augmentation mammoplasty, and age should never be a restricting factor. Many women who are in their 50s or older have in fact undergone the procedure because beauty has no age limits. An implant can enhance a bustline by one bra cup size or more and give a woman a youthful shape. Patients can also expect the results to last long after receiving breast implants Gainesville Fl.

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Augmentation mammoplasty is considered a low-risk procedure, with no medical evidence linking implants to breast cancer. Preparations for the surgery are minimal and recovery can be accomplished in a matter of only a few days. Whether it be for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, women can attain the figures they desire with breast plastic surgery.