Earlobe Reconstruction Plastic Surgery in Gainesville, FL

Earlobe repair surgery is a common procedure needed by both men and women for a variety of reason. If you are seeking facial plastic surgery, look no further than the plastic surgeons at Poser Plastic Surgery Center.

What Is Earlobe Repair Surgery?

There are many reasons patients seek cosmetic surgeons in Gainesville to repair their earlobes. An earlobe that is pierced in the wrong place or an earlobe that is stretched from wearing earrings that are too large can cause issues later in life and may become unsightly with age. The ear gauges many men and women have placed in their ears leave large holes when removed, and many patients seek assistance in restoring a normal-sized, symmetrical look to both lobes. Trauma to the earlobe can also leave patients with disfigured lobes. Whatever the cause, Gainesville cosmetic surgery wouldn’t be complete without the procedures to repair this damage. Whether your earlobes have become damaged due to trauma, piercings or other causes, Dr. Poser can help you restore the appearance of your ears with earlobe repair.

Earlobe Repair Procedure

The earlobe repair procedure can be performed in our office while the patient is under local anesthesia. Surgical repair techniques designed to handle this delicate situation are used after lidocaine is placed on the skin to ensure no pain to the patient. The technique will be decided during the consultation — after the best plastic surgeons at Poser Plastic Surgery Center have a chance to assess the individual’s desired appearance. Earlobe plastic surgery is a relatively quick procedure —  an incision is cut through the damaged lobe and the edges are sutured. Patients are sent home the same day with appropriate medications to be applied throughout the span of recovery. The results can be dramatic and help restore confidence to patients.

Side Effects & Risks Of Surgery

After the surgery, earlobes may swell and patients may experience slight discomfort to the incision site. However, these side effects should dissipate fairly quickly. To avoid infection, patients will wear a dressing to protect their earlobes and maintain proper care for recovery.

Recovery Time After Earlobe Repair Surgery

Depending on the specific circumstances of each patient, sutures may be removed in a matter of weeks, and ears can eventually be pierced again — should the patient desire. Patients are likely able to resume routine activities within two to three days following the procedure.

Additional Ear Surgery

If you also desire help with aging earlobes, our surgeons can reshape saggy lobes while repairing too large holes in the lobe. Poser Plastic Surgery Center, can help you feel confident when showing off ears or wearing earrings again with otoplasty and ear reshaping as well. Through surgery, ears can be made more symmetrical, creating a balanced look.

Are You A Good Candidate For Earlobe Repair?

Due to the noninvasive style of this procedure, most individuals who are in good health is are good candidates for earlobe repair surgery. For more information on the candidacy requirements for cosmetic surgery, contact our office today.

Why Poser Plastic Surgery Center?

Offering Gainesville plastic surgery is something that we take seriously. Dr. Poser decades of medical experience with the majority of those years spent performing plastic surgery. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of several societies related to plastic surgery and health. Dr. Poser encourages patients to ask questions because their comfort is a primary concern for him. The doctors and staff at our practice want the best experience for each patient, from the first consultation to the very last appointment.