Lip Enhancement Procedures

Countless over-the-counter beauty products claim to help soften, plump and rejuvenate the lips, but oftentimes, these products don’t deliver the aesthetic results longed for by our patients. Often, a beautiful lipstick shade or a fabulous new gloss may lose its appeal for individuals who have thin lips or creased lips. A number of different beauty products can settle within creases which form with age and draw attention to deep lip lines both on and around the mouth.

Through the advancement of plastic surgery and non-surgical techniques, all patients can love their lips, whether they were born with thin lips or they have lost lip volume due to age, sun damage or smoking. At Poser Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, FL, our Gainesville plastic surgeon can help you achieve the lips you seek through a number of subtle lip enhancement procedures. Contact us for more information about available procedures or to schedule a consultation.

Lip Injections & Fillers

Enhancement to the lips through lip injections is among the most popular option for improving the appearance of the lips. Dr. Poser uses hyaluronic acid fillers, Juvéderm, and Restylane, as well as Artefill to create smooth, plump lips and soften depressions which may surround the mouth. Due to Dr. Poser’s extensive knowledge and experience with administering lip injections, patients can achieve immediate lip enhancement results that can even improve the volume of lips over time with regular injections. Our patients trust that our skilled cosmetic surgeon’s precision will result in beautiful lips.

Fat Transfer Lip Procedure

When it comes to enhancing their lips, many patients opt for a more permanent solution that dermal fillers. A fat transfer can permanently increase the size of the lips through the removal of a small amount of fat from another part of the body. This procedure can be combined with liposuction to minimize downtime associated with multiple procedures. However, patients do not need to undergo full body liposuction in order for Dr. Poser to obtain the necessary amount of fat for a fat transfer technique. This procedure has a longer recovery time than injections or fillers, but it is an all-natural and safe technique.

Lip Lift Surgery

A lip lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in which shortening the length of skin between the mouth and the nose. Over time and with age, the skin begins to sag, which causes once-perky features to become displaced to a lower position. Due to the expertise of Dr. Poser, this procedure produces immediate results with no visual scarring.

In contrast with the fat transfer lip augmentation as well as the different types of available lip injections, the lip lift procedure is considered to be a permanent solution for patients who struggle with thin lips or lips with deep depressions and vertical lines. The permanent nature of this procedure is due to the surgical removal and repositioning of skin.

Recovery From Lip Enhancement Procedures

Dr. Poser establishes a strict regimen that patients are advised to follow in order to minimize recovery time, no matter which lip rejuvenation procedure has been performed. It is important to follow the directions to avoid significant bruising or swelling. Mino discomfort is normal, but if you experience increased pain, swelling or bruising, contact Dr. Poser immediately. Recovery time from lip enhancement in Gainesville may be increased if additional cosmetic facial surgery is performed in conjunction with the lip enhancement procedure, including facelift and rhinoplasty procedures.

Who Is A Candidate For Lip Enhancement?

The most effective way to determine candidacy for lip lift surgery, fat transfer lip augmentation, and lip injections in Gainesville is through a scheduled consultation with our plastic surgeon. Dr. Poser will review the medical history, discuss with the patient their goals for cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures, and assist the patient in choosing the procedures that will best help them to achieve their desired aesthetic goals. With a number of exceptions, patients who are in good health, those who experience dissatisfaction with the appearance or condition of their lips, and those who having a desire to enhance the look and feel of their lips are ideal candidates.