Forehead and Brow Lifts in Gainesville, FL

Forehead lift surgery can help give you a more positive, youthful, appearance with a simple endoscopic approach that doesn’t require the traditional method of creating an incision across the entire brow. As we age, the muscles in the face and brow tend to relax more and cause the skin to sag in this area. It can also contribute to “worry lines” and some people even appear persistently mad. Without addressing the underlying cause of the problem, no amount of makeup will help you regain your youthful, cheerful, appearance. However, new methods that cosmetic surgery provide, give you back your happy appearance with less invasive techniques.

How a Forehead and Brow Lift Procedure Works

As the brow lowers, as we age, it’s important to raise it so that the area above the eyes does not contribute to an angry or worried look as we grow older. In some cases, both medial and lateral aspects of the brow will need to be lifted. If you don’t want to resort to making an entire cut across the brow, you can still get a forehead and brow lift to address the issue. This procedure is performed by:

  • Using Smaller Incisions: Smaller cuts along the brow are less invasive and tend to be less scarring than a traditional across-the-brow cut. Yet, the smaller cuts can target exactly the areas that need lifting. It also takes less "down" time to heal afterwards. If a Gainesville brow lift can be performed satisfactorily with only minor incisions, it's usually the way to go.
  • Manipulating the Muscles:  By manipulating the muscles in between the eyes, using the small incisions, a cosmetic surgeon can eliminate “worry” lines too. You don't need to undergo an entire coronal brow lift just to manipulate the muscles. It's been proven that it can still be done with minor incisions instead.
  • Elevating the Brow Slightly: The procedure is far less invasive than the traditional form of a forehead lift in Gainesville, FL, but it also only elevates the brow slightly. For people that only need a slight adjustment it can be the cheapest and easiest way to achieve spectacular results. For those that need a more drastic intervention, there are other types of forehead and brow lift options available.

Gainesville Plastic Surgery Center

The and coronal forehead and brow lifts are the most common. However, there are other types, like the brow lift. The type of forehead and brow lift you require will depend on how much lift you need as well as other factors. Check with your Gainesville plastic surgeon to find out which type of forehead and brow lift procedure can resolve your particular problem as it is a highly individual matter. What works for one person, may not be appropriate for another person. However, by consulting Poser Plastic Surgery Center, you can get a good idea of the type of procedure that is likely to produce the best results for you.