Rhinoplasty Surgery in Gainesville, FL

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, is the surgical reshaping of a patient's nose. This is most often done for esthetic reasons. People can feel their nose is too big, too small, too wide or too narrow. They may not like the bump on their nose, or they might have a bulbous nose. Their nose might be crooked, and their nostrils might be too large or too small. Rhinoplasty can also be done in cases of trauma or diseases that affect the nose or congenital malformation.

Before the patient is considered a candidate for Rhinoplasty in Gainesville, FL, he or she will need to have a consultation with the plastic surgeon. The surgeon will not only want to know about the patient's medical history but will need to know whether or not the patient has any medical conditions that might rule out a rhinoplasty Gainesville procedure. The doctor will also need to know that the patient has realistic expectations for the surgery.

How to Prepare for Gainesville Rhinoplasty Surgeries

Before the surgery, the patient needs to be free of any respiratory problems. This includes the common cold. They should have stopped smoking for at least a fortnight. Since nose cosmetic surgery is done under general anesthesia, the patient will have to fast overnight. He or she should also avoid blood thinning drugs like aspirin, which can interfere with healing from the surgery. Indeed, the Gainesville cosmetic surgeon will probably have asked the patient to stop taking any medications that he or she is taking.

Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures

The surgery can either take tissue away from the nose or can add tissue to the nose. In the first case, it's called reduction rhinoplasty. In the second, it's called augmentation rhinoplasty.

The patient will be given anesthesia medications before the plastic surgery nose procedure, which means he or she will be unconscious during the operation. The surgeon will then perform either an open procedure or a closed procedure to reshape the patient's nose. In the closed procedure, the surgeon operates from inside the patient's nose. In the open procedure, the surgeon makes an incision through the columella, the flesh that separates one nostril from another.

What Happens After the Nose Surgery

After the operation, the incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches. Some patients also have plastic splints inserted to reduce scarring and to support the nose while it heals. Both the splints and the stitches will stay in place between a week and 10 days.

The nostrils will also be packed. The packs will need to stay inside the nose for a day or so, and the patient may need to stay overnight in the hospital so the packs can be taken out. The patient will experience considerable swelling at first, but eventually the swelling will go down, and the new nose will eventually appear. This can take up to a year. The results of nose plastic surgery are permanent, and most people are pleased with the results.

Rhinoplasty in Gainesville, FL

If you're ready to reshape your nose to restructure a bulbous or wide nose, correct birth deformities, or achieve a more balanced appearance in relation to your eyes, mouth and ears, then contact Poser Plastic Surgery for rhinoplasty in Gainesville. Schedule your consultation today!