Mini Facelift

Dr. Poser of Poser Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, FL, has more than three decades of experience within the field of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation for a short-scar facelift or if you would like more information about our all-encompassing Gainesville plastic surgery procedures, contact our office today.

What Is A Mini Facelift?

Facelifts are one of the more popular types of cosmetic face surgery performed throughout the United States, so it’s no surprise that the process has been fine-tuned over the years. Poser Plastic Surgery Center offers Gainesville mini facelift for patients who wish to improve visible signs of aging in the mid-face area. The short-scar facelift is often referred to by a number of names, including mini facelift, baby boomer facelift, and limited-incision lift. No cosmetic procedure can cease the aging process but a short-scar facelift can eliminate some of the most prominent signs of aging without excessive scarring.

The Mini Facelift Procedure

Typically, patients are placed under local anesthesia for the procedure, and some may also be given a sedative to ensure relaxation during the surgery — in these situations, patients remain awake but feel no pain. During the facial cosmetic surgery, the facial tissue is separated from surrounding muscle and fat. At this time, excess fat may be trimmed away or even suctioned from the face, neck, and chin to provide a sleek and beautiful contour. Dr. Poser will then tighten the facial muscles and the overlying skin and remove any excess skin. The layers of tissue are then secured by stitches, and for some patients, metal clips may be secured to the scalp.

Mini Facelift Vs. Full Facelift

Both the mini facelift and the full facelift are popular among patients who seek to preserve the visible signs of aging and facial distortion. Despite the mutual degree of popularity, the mini facelift, or short-scar facelift, is comprised of a number of notable differences which distinguish it from the traditional Gainesville facelift procedure. Most notably, the mini facelift offers patients a much shorter recovery process than with the full facelift — the majority of patients may return to normal daily activity within one week following the procedure. Patients also experience a reduced degree of pain and swelling during recovery from the mini facelift, which can be owed to the small-size incisions made during the procedure. In addition, the mini facelift carries a lower risk of complication, as patients only require local anesthesia during surgery. In terms of cost, the mini facelift is more affordable than the cost of the full facelift.

Who Is A Candidate For Mini Facelift?

The most effective way to determine candidacy with this procedure is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Poser. He will evaluate the patient’s medical history, discuss with the patient their goals for cosmetic surgery, and assist them in choosing the optimal procedures. The short-scar facelift is most popular with patients who range in age from 30 to 60. This procedure is also popular among those who are interested in improving upon the result of an initial facelift procedure, and it can be combined with a number of different cosmetic surgery procedures including the rhinoplasty, necklift, and forehead and brow lift.

The Benefits Of Mini Facelift

One of the biggest advantages of a mini facelift is the reduced size of incisions made during the procedure. In many cases, incisions behind the ears are not required — as they are with the traditional facelift — and for many patients, the recovery time from a short-scar facelift is shorter than with a traditional facelift. The precise placement of incisions will depend on several factors that are unique to each patient. During consultation, Dr. Poser will discuss these factors with the patient — such as the area in which the patient seeks improvement, the patient’s bone structure, and any presence of excessive skin, among other important factors.

Recovering From Mini Facelift Surgery

Following mini facelift surgery, a small, thin tube may be temporarily placed under the patient’s skin behind the ear to drain any collected blood. Dr. Poser may also wrap the patient’s head in bandages to minimize bruising and swelling during the initial days of recovery. As mentioned, the majority of patients experience a quickened recovery time, reduced bleeding, and less swelling in comparison with patients who undergo traditional facelift surgery.

Most patients are on their feet after two days, but it is recommended that patients avoid extreme activity during the initial week of recovery. As each patient’s recovery time can vary, it is imperative that you consult Dr. Poser for specific recovery guidelines. Stitches are usually removed after one week, and many patients can resume working thereafter, barring any complications or additional recovery time due to multiple procedures.