Corrective Surgery in Gainesville for Tuberous Breast Syndrome

Understanding Tuberous Breast Syndrome

Tuberous breast syndrome is a developmental condition that affects a large number of both men and women throughout the world. This condition causes deformation of the breasts and can result in a wide variety of unusually shaped breasts and areolas. Deformities often affect the symmetry of the breasts, which can have an impact on the sufferer’s self image. Because of this, cosmetic surgery may be used as a tuberous breast deformity correction method.

Why Does Tuberous Breast Syndrome Occur?

Though the exact cause of tuberous breast syndrome is unknown, there are a few theories in the medical world about why it occurs. What is known about tuberous breast syndrome is that it is a congenital abnormality that may be passed on genetically, even if both parents do not shows signs of the condition themselves. Tuberous breasts may possibly be connected to a genetic collagen disorder, as suggested by a 2011 study of the cells of patients, performed at the University of L’Aquila in Italy. However, the results do not offer any direct causes and only allow for hypotheses to be made.

Tuberous Breast Treatment Options

Gainesville plastic surgeons may offer a variety of treatment options for tuberous breast syndrome. Breast augmentation is just one of these options, but it is not always necessary. The treatment of tuberous breasts and a standard breast augmentation are usually very different procedures. Treatment of tuberous breasts requires more precision and specialized care, depending on the severity of the condition. Not only will the breasts be reshaped using implants, but the areolas will also need to be realigned to create symmetry and an aesthetic appeal that is satisfactory for the patient.

Every tuberous breast surgery must be specifically planned for the individual, since every case of the syndrome is unique. That is why only the best plastic surgeons should be sought for such a treatment. The personalized care and attention to detail requires a highly trained and qualified professional surgeon like Dr. John Poser of Poser Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, FL.

Potential Risks of Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, tuberous breast correction does come with its own set of risks. One such risk is Hematoma, where the pocket containing the new implant continues to bleed after surgery. The dangers are low, but in some cases, the excess blood will need to be removed via surgery.

Infection is another potential risk involved with tuberous breast correction. This risk is greatly reduced with the use of antibiotics. However, if the infection continues, the implant must be removed until the patient has fully healed.

In some cases, patients may lose feeling in their breasts and nipples. This occurs when nerves are severed during surgery. These nerves will then take up to two years to grow back. In 15% of such cases, they fail to grow back at all.

The Recovery Process

While recovering from tuberous breast correction surgery, you must try your best to sleep on your back. This ensures that the breasts remain aligned while healing. You should also wait three days before showering. Then, remove your bandages and shower slowly, patting the breast region dry as gently as possible. It is recommended that you wear a surgical bra, though it is not required.

Certified plastic surgeons in Gainesville, FL are waiting for your call to help you overcome and heal from tuberous breast syndrome. If you know or are suspicious that you may have tuberous breast syndrome, do not hesitate to take action and contact Dr. Poser. It could change your life.