Gummy Bear Implants In Gainesville

The gummy bear implant is comprised of cohesive silicone gel within a textured silicone shell. The term “gummy bear” serves to describe the behavior of the cohesive silicone gel-filled implant — as with gummy bear candy, the gummy bear breast implant will retain its solid form even upon being split into segments. Among the types of implant materials available for breast augmentation in Gainesville, the gummy bear implant is a popular choice of implant.

This type of implant is ideal for patients who seek to achieve breasts which feature greater volume, distinct contour, and a larger size, while still maintaining a natural appearance. If you would like more information regarding the different types of breast implants available or if you would like to schedule a consultation for enhancement with our Gainesville plastic surgeon, contact Poser Plastic Surgery Center. Let us help you achieve your aesthetic goals — contact us.

How Is Cohesive Gel Different From Other Types Of Breast Implants?

Cohesive gel breast implants are among the most popular types of breast implants, but a number of significant differences differentiate gummy bear implants from saline and silicone breast implants, including the following factors.

Cost Of Implants

While saline-filled implants are typically the least expensive option for breast augmentation surgery, cohesive gel-filled implants may cost significantly more than other implant options. However, many patients deem worth-the-cost the results of gummy bear implants.

Stability Over Time

Regarding the possibility of breast implant rupture, the risk of perforation and rupture of a gummy bear implant is significantly lower than that of a saline or silicone gel implant. In addition, if a rupture does occur, the form-stable gel stays in place without leaking to the breast.

Length Of Incision

Gummy bear implants are pre-filled with cohesive gel prior to being inserted within the breast cavity. As such, they typically require a longer incision to be made during breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery than that of procedures with saline or silicone implants.

Feel Of Cohesive Gel

Many patients often determine that saline-filled implants feel firm in comparison with the softer feel of silicone-filled implants. The feel of cohesive gel-filled gummy bear implants is firmer than traditional silicone implants, yet more natural-feeling and less firm than saline implants.

Natural Appearance Of Implants

The majority of saline implants and silicone implants are round in shape and they may achieve a plump, voluminous, and perky aesthetic to the bust. Gummy bear implants are typically teardrop-shaped, which most closely resembles the appearance, as well as the feel, of natural breasts. As such, this implant is suitable for those seeking natural results.

Advantages To Gummy Bear Implants

Cohesive gel implants retain their soft, almost-natural shape and texture so they are more resilient and, if a rupture occurs, there is less of a chance for misshapen or sagging breasts to form. These highly cohesive implants are durable enough to resist change in shape over time while featuring increased capabilities for preservation of upper breast fullness, fewer occurrences of displacement, and less rippling than breast augmentations performed with traditional types of implants. Many patients prefer this type of implants over saline-filled implants due to the long-term viability and the natural feel of the implant.

Cohesive gel implants also come in both of the most popular shapes commonly used in cosmetic surgery for breasts — round and teardrop. Rounded breast implants create a lifted and perky appearance, while teardrop-shaped implants create a more natural look. Round silicone gel implants also provide a fuller look at the top of the breast, which provides deeper-set cleavage. Form-stable implants are perfect for a teardrop shape due to the sturdy nature of the implants. They can create natural looking breasts without creating physical discomfort to the patient or posing a risk of rupture, sagging or rippling.

Are Gummy Bear Implants Right For Me?

The majority of patients who are eligible for breast augmentation surgery may be ideal candidates for gummy bear implants. Our breast augmentation surgeons recommend cohesive gel-filled implants to patients who require or request breast implant revision; patients who elect to have a breast lift in conjunction with breast implant surgery; and patients who undergo breast reconstruction. Regarding aesthetic preference, gummy bear implants are the ideal implant option for patients who prefer a natural-looking bust. This type of implant is also beneficial to patients who either are medically unable to or those prefer not to choose saline-filled implants or silicone gel-filled implants. During your consultation, Dr. Poser will discuss with you the unique specifications of your medical requirements and expectations for surgery to help you determine the ideal option regarding the choice of implant type. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

What Are The Risks Of Gummy Bear Implants?

All surgical breast procedures involve potential risks. Form-stable breast implants carry some of the same risks as other implants including infection, soreness, and scarring. However, there is only one risk that is unique to cohesive gel breast implants — the potential for implant rotation. If the implant rotates under the skin, especially a teardrop shaped implant, the breast may become misshapen. This is different from other implants, such as saline and silicone implants, which allow gravity to help smooth out the shape of the implant in the case of rotation.

The gummy bear implant maintain its designed shape — if the implant rotates the gel is unable to redistribute to other areas of the breast. Due to the gel’s thicker consistency, it is often necessary for surgeons to create a longer incision for insertion. While this is unique to cohesive gel implants, there is no additional risk to a longer incision. Some pain or discomfort due to the long incisions is common and usually temporary. As with any breast plastic surgery, you’ll want to discuss your needs and expectations with Dr. Poser to ensure your goals are met.