Cleft Lip Surgery in Gainesville, FL

For those with cleft lip, smiles may be physically distorted and appear unnatural. Fortunately, professional facial cosmetic surgeons at Poser Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, FL can improve your baby’s appearance, development and overall health.

Cleft Lip Surgery

During pregnancy, a baby’s facial features are carefully formed. Several tissues have to merge together to form the mouth. When these tissues are unable to fuse completely together, a cleft lip can form. These are known as orofacial defects. They affect 50 percent to 80 percent of babies and can create problems with a baby’s appearance, self-esteem, breathing, hearing, speech, and language development.

  • Cleft Lip: A cleft lip is an opening in a baby’s upper lip. It often appears as a slit or large opening that travels through the nose.

The causes of cleft lip/palate are unknown by scientists. It is speculated that a combination of genes and environmental factors contribute to cleft lips. Exposure to harsh chemicals, drugs, strong medications and a mother’s health condition (i.e. diabetes) may also influence cleft lips.

Benefits of Cleft Lip Surgery

Through corrective facial plastic surgery, medical professionals in Gainesville, FL, can reverse your child’s cleft lip. If performed within the first 3-18 months, facial plastic surgeons can work with many care providers and specialists (i.e. audiologists, dentists etc.) to find a solution for your baby. Cleft lip repair involves cutting into your infant’s mouth and pushing mouth tissues together to close defective gaps.

After Cleft Lip Repair Surgery

After your baby is operated on, he/she may experience nasal congestion, discomfort, pain, swelling, bruising, bloody drainage from the nose and mouth, and irritability. Your baby will also receive stitches. There will always be a scar on your baby’s face, however, these lines fade away as the child develops and grow. To prevent infection, an infant may be hospitalized for several days or weeks under close monitoring and supervision. For cleft lip surgery in Gainesville, FL, an intravenous catheter may be used to keep your baby fed until he/she is able to eat and feed independently. Lastly, passed elbow restraints are usually placed on babies after surgery to prevent excessive touching and manipulation of the surgical site.

Once your baby heals, you will notice a natural appearance, better breathing, better hearing, and improved speech and language development. As a result, your baby will grow into a healthy and happy child.

Facial Cosmetic Surgeons in Gainesville, FL

At the Poser Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, FL, we take our roles seriously. Your baby deserves to grow up with normal conditions. Our facial plastic surgeon will do everything in his power to operate on your baby safely so that he/she can have positive self-esteem and be able to function in society. Everyone deserves to smile and our certified plastic surgeon professional will help your baby do just that with cleft lip and palate repair.