The Reality Of Removing Keloids

There is a condition that creates an overgrowth of scar tissue around a wound, known as a keloid. Keloids are growths that go beyond the area of the original wound. It is found more often in people who have dark skin. Anybody who is physically healthy is a good candidate for keloid treatment at Gainesville cosmetic surgery.

If you are considering your scar removal options, you will want to explore the best Gainesville cosmetic surgery options available. Keloids can be difficult to remove, but with a combination of treatments, you may be able to lessen their appearance or remove them altogether.

Keloid Removal in Gainesville, FL

Keloids have been known to develop after a person has acne, body piercings, burns, surgical wounds as well as lacerations or boils. Keloid scars differ from regular scars in that they do not shrink or fade over time. Instead, they can become quite large and noticeable. They may itch or burn.

Cosmetic surgeons in Gainesville report that Keloids can form anywhere on the body. However, they are often located on the chest, shoulders, cheeks, or earlobes.

Who Gets Keloids?

It is rare for keloids to develop on a person's face except the jawline. It is common for a person to develop keloids between the ages of 10 and 30.

It appears that keloids are genetic; if your mother or father had keloids, there is a chance that you may develop them as well. People with darker skin are more likely to have keloids. Children and the elderly rarely develop keloids. There are Gainesville plastic surgery options for people who are most at-risk for developing these scars.

Keloid Removal Benefits

Keloids can be very tricky to remove. There is a high probability that they will simply grow back again. Applying moisturizing oils, pressure pads, or silicone pads can change the appearance of the scar. Your doctor may recommend corticosteroid injections.

Pulsed-dye keloid laser removal can flatten and lighten keloid scars. Several treatments will be needed for the best results.

Very large scars may need to be surgically removed. During keloid removal surgery, an incision is made into the scar and very little healthy tissue is damaged. You may require steroid injections after the surgery to lower your risk of the keloids returning. If you choose surgery to remove your keloids, you will only require a local anesthetic, though sedation is recommended for extensive procedures. Some cosmetic surgeons in Gainesville may recommend post-surgery radiation treatments to keep persistent scars from re-forming.

Often a combination of the treatments mentioned above will be needed.

While keloids tend to be painless, some can become itchy. Some scars can grow so large that they make movement uncomfortable. Removing uncomfortable keloids can bring you a great deal of relief in your daily life. Some people experience greater self-esteem.

Side Effects of Keloid Removal

Even the best plastic surgeons report unfavorable outcomes for this type of surgery from time to time. Possible side effects to surgical keloid removal are pain and a loss of skin color called hypopigmentation. Gainesville plastic surgery options are very safe, but there are always risks to discuss with your doctor.

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